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EarthZ’ RX

“Butta Balm”

“Butta Balm”

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“Butta Balm”- deep moisturiZer

No scent...ALL moisture.

SometimeZ being basic is best.

This moisturiZer is great for those with super sensitive skin and scalpZ or to use as a finisher after indulging in our Turmeric Paste or Brown Suga Scrub.

Uses: moisturiZing Butta for; hair, beardZ, skin, handZ, lipZ, feet, massageZ for infantZ and adults, wash day, basically anyway ALL day!

How to apply:

Best when used prior to physically feeling dry and directly after; bathing, light misting for hair, or hand washing. Rub it in real good, let it soak in, then hit problem areas one more time and PRN (as needed).

‼️‼️‼️ due to no essential oilZ this product is at risk for growth of mold to reduce occurrence please keep in refrigerator until use and wash handZ before using. 

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