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Earth'Z RX

“Deluxe Hair Set”

“Deluxe Hair Set”

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“Maintain the Mane”-deluxe hair set
You will be wash day ready with our all star natural productZ including….

”Wash Me Work” - deep conditioner pre wash. Great taking down braidZ and a saving grace to tender headZ!
Peppermint soap- invigorating clean for all hair types
Mane thang- hair care oil serum
Salt soak- great detox for locZ with Apple cider vinegar #superscientific
Infused Rose 🌹 oil- warm for oil treatment or add to water for daily moisturiZing spray bottle.
your choice of…

2oz “24K” Butta Balm Blend with carrot 🥕 oil.


2oz “LondynZ Mix” Butta Balm Blend…we’ve been told it’Z better than the pink stuff 😉.


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