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“Elderberry Tincture Syrup”

“Elderberry Tincture Syrup”

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“Elderberry Tincture Syrup”-immune support

Organically selected elderberrieZ, infused with over 100 proof vodka and Organic Natural honey for hourZ with added essential oilZ…to help support your immune system especially during cold, flu, and change of seasonZ.

Recommend adult UseZ- take 1 TSP teaspoon 🥄2-3 timeZ per day when you start to feel like you are going under the weather or one per day preventatively at the change of every season…. Or Add a few drops to ☕️ teaZ/juiceZ to support overall immune health during  cold and flu seasonZ.

‼️‼️ not recommended for children under one year old due to honey 🍯.

For extended “shelf life” and safety please keep in a dark area and or in the refrigerator. Keep out of reach from minorZ.

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