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Earth'Z RX

"Infused OilZ"

"Infused OilZ"

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The Great BaZ'minty
Lav Love

EarthZ’ Tasty selectionZ

DeliciouZ and NutritiouZ!!!!!


Italian Blend - "The Great BaZ'minty" is great for making your own salad dressing, dip for bread, roasting vegetableZ, meat marinating, popping name it!


Relaxation Blend - "Lav Love" is great for massageZ, hair care, bath/ soaking preparationZ, and even goeZ great with making dressingZ for summer salad'Z 🥗


Hair Blend- “Rose Squared” is here for your hot oil scalp or beard massage 🧔🏽 💆🏾‍♀️ or add some to your (metal or glass preferred) water spray bottle for moisture misting pre and or post style. Great for stimulating thought and memory (go Rosemary 😎). *only available in Hair set- 5oz

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