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EarthZ’ RX

“Sweet DreamZ”-Lavender

“Sweet DreamZ”-Lavender

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“Sweet DreamZ”-Lavender

Whether you need to catch some much needed rest or keep the petty pawZ off of some folkZ 😆, this blend of moisture helpZ promote a sense of calming & relaxation with a hydrating finish.

Never forget…Mental health is just as important as physical health and rest is needed to restore both.

How to use: apply to areaZ of need after washing. Aromatherapy care can be used via cupping handZ after applying and inhale 5-10 deep breath’Z inhaling through the nose and slowly exhaling like you are blowing a bubble, out the lipZ.
OR applying to the feet prior to bed
🛌 of those who wish to rest or may need a little assist 😉.

…scalp massage 💆🏾‍♀️, forget about it, 😴 😴 

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