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“Turmeric Paste”

“Turmeric Paste”

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“Turmeric Paste” -Turmeric

This balm right here... is literally “gold” for the skin!!! Assisting with decreasing inflammation and hyper pigmentationZ.

UseZ: This all natural paste is great for toning & evening of areaZ applied. We use this as a face mask or apply to troubled areaZ and watch your natural glow emerge.

How to use: Try to apply at night (staining will occur). Place the paste in position, leave on 10-20 minuteZ or apply and wrap with cling wrap /aloe leaf overnight or as long as tolerated, rinse, pat dry apply moisturiZer, show off, show out, repeat as your skin allowZ.

‼️‼️ not recommended for open areaZ, once closed we can began healing the skin and decreasing dark areaZ.

Caution ⚠️ includes Organic Turmeric may cause staining to surfaceZ with transfer, recommended use at night. Clean 🧽 up Eme’giately (in my Bernie Mac voice 😆).

*Organic productZ in ingredients, suggested refrigeration while not in use.*

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